Limited Slip Collar


Limited Slip Collar – Adjustable 38-58 cm  – New Correction Loop design

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SAFE & EFFECTIVE for Training your dog not to pull.

The New Loop Design uses a narrower, high density webbing, with a smaller clip to make it easier to fit.  The loop design means the clip never takes full pressure from a pulling dog, so we are able to use a smaller clip to make it easier to feed through the main D ring.

A Limited Slip is a security collar – designed to tighten if a dog pulls on the lead, making it difficult for a dog to slip its collar.

Black Dog’s unique “Clip on” design means you can adjust the collar to exactly fit your dog’s neck – because this collar is not fitted over the dog’s head. This type of collar is recommended for Malamutes or Huskies, or any dog where strength and security are paramount.


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