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About The Siberian Husky Club of Vic

THE Siberian Husky Club of Victoria was established in December 1984. It was affiliated with the Kennel Control Council (KCC, now Dogs Victoria) in July of 1985. It became an incorporated body in 1989. It was the first Siberian Husky Club to form in Australia which enabled to unite all the fanciers of this beautiful breed.

THE Siberian Husky Club of Victoria inc. consists of breeders, sledding enthusiasts, exhibitors and fanciers who are dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of the Siberian Husky as a sound, natural and capable working breed, whose characteristics of mind and body make it not only a beautiful dog and a willing worker, but also a delightful companion. Our aim is to offer people the chance to learn about, work with, and mainly, to have fun with these rascals of the canine world!

IN June 1986 we held our first Open Conformation Show and our first Championship Confirmation Show was held in 1988. We now conduct Championship and Open Shows annually, as well as Members Competitions. Our Members Competitions enable new members and inexperienced dogs to practise their ringcraft and they provide aspiring judges with hands-on experience with our breed whilst having fun.

AS well as the conformation exhibitions, the Club also offers opportunities for owners and their dogs to join in on Fun Days and Social Sledding days. Social Sledding begins the winter season with a workshop day to get people and dogs used to the practice of running sled dogs. The correct equipment (and how to make it) is shown and training hints are shared. The Clubs first race was hosted in 1988.

A digital Club newsletter, ‘Pawprints’ comes out quarterly, in which members can have their say, have a brag and be informed of upcoming events. It provides articles of interest, short stories, activity results and paid advertisements. We endeavour to provide valuable and interesting information in each issue.

WE feel it is an honour to belong to such a club, we would love to have you as a member, and it can only grow with your help. The club would appreciate any members, new and old to come forward and put their hands up to assist in our future activities.


At this point in time, the SHCV Inc. does not offer a rescue service, we don’t have the facilities nor the volunteers to accommodate such a thing even though there were efforts in the past. We cannot reiterate enough to please do your research about this amazing breed, speak to other owners, breeders before rushing off to purchase one as you may find they are not suited to your lifestyle, they are not like any other domestic dog. We have a lot of information on the website also to help you decide if it’s the breed for you.

Benefits of Membership
The Siberian Husky Club of Victoria Membership Gives You


Be recognised as a member of the official Victorian Siberian Husky Breed Club, a community of 200+ Siberian Husky fanciers and enthusiasts in Melbourne, rural Victoria and also with members in other States and Internationally.

Pawprints Newsletter

Receive our quarterly newsletter, Pawprints, with details of and results from Club activities, plus reader interest stories and articles. Access members-only material on this site.

Competitions and Fun Days

Come to our members’ competitions and fun days and meet fellow Siberian Husky owners in a relaxed, friendly environment and join our very popular monthly pet walk days.

Discounted Entry

Obtain discounted entry to the Siberian Husky Club of Victoria Inc. Shows and Social Sledding events.


Come along and compete in events such as Showing and Social Sledding competitions.


Access our extensive Club library containing many Siberian Husky Journals published in Australia and Internationally over the past ±10 years.

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Sledding Season Is Here!

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Updates have been made to the Social Sledding Page. View our online calendar too!  Click on the link on the right had side for information on our first Race of the Season.

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